About us

The project CREDNET - Network for the Accreditation of the Managerial Skills is a transnational network, funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme (Leonardo da Vinci- Networks), that envisages a common framework of competencies and qualifications for the recognition of and validation of entrepreneurial-related and managerial skills acquired in non-formal learning. This will be achieved by developing a certification methodology and criteria to validate informal learning especially for the credibility and recognition of the competencies established.

This will help companies widen the applicability of the recognition procedures and the development of a legislative framework on it. It is envisaged managers to be more involved in innovation activities and companies become more competitive.

The partnership of the project is consisted by 8 partners from 7 countries (Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Slovenia, Poland, Latvia, and Romania) and includes all the relevant actors in the field: SMEs, Incubator, SME Association, Adult Education Provider and National Authority for the Certification of Competencies. Please click here in order to see more information for the partners of the project.